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Sustainability Policy

Sustainability Policy

Incorporating Safety, Health, Environment, energy, Quality and responsible sourcing.

Sims Engineering Systems Limited considers effective management of safety, health, environment, energy and quality to be of prime importance to the sustained success of the business. We take an integrated approach towards all of our business processes and have a single sustainability policy. We regularly review this policy for continuing suitability and appropriateness.

We communicate our policy to all employees, contractors, visitors and other key stakeholders to ensure it is understood and implemented. Our policy is made available to our supply chain and other interested parties to inform and promote wider adoption of responsible practices. As an absolute minimum, we comply with the law and other regulatory requirements applicable to our business.

The resourcing and implementation of this policy is the responsibility of our management team. Co-operation in the effective implementation of the policy is a condition of employment, partnership and supply.

People and Communities

We strive for the prevention of injury and ill health in the workplace. We value our workforce. When recruiting, selecting employees or developing employees, contractors and suppliers, we ensure that they are appropriately skilled and competent to carry out their roles.

We strive for the fair treatment of our employees and everyone in our supply chain.

  • We provide employment, and economic activity using local sourcing with local businesses, where possible and appropriate and practical.

  • We build our business on the basis of responsible practices.

  • We encourage our employees, contractors, visitors and supply chain to operate in accordance with these practices and we actively engage with our customers, communities and other stakeholders to promote their wider adoption.

  • We inform our customers about the functional, environmental and safety performance of our products.

  • We engage with our stakeholders to encourage innovative development of our products, services and manufacturing systems to continually improve sustainable performance throughout the product lifecycle and build a profitable and sustainable business.

Carbon and Energy

We actively work towards the reduction of energy consumption and carbon emissions and aim to reduce our use of fossil fuels by energy efficiency and seeking alternative and renewable energy sources.

We promote best practices through enabling sustainable processes, including the use and support of our customers in this approach.

When procuring services and goods that can have an impact on significant energy use, we inform suppliers that procurement is partly evaluated on the basis of energy performance.

Waste and Materials

We strive for the prevention of pollution and the minimisation of environmental harm. We use resources appropriately and sustainably and, where appropriate, substitute primary resources with alternative materials.

We adopt the waste reduction hierarchy of waste prevention, reuse of materials, recycling, and energy recovery to minimise waste disposal and maximise productivity. We work with suppliers to develop products that improve the quality and sustainability of the built environment and we seek to eliminate all non-conforming products, maximising customer satisfaction.

Water and Biodiversity

We respect and protect our national heritage and we optimise our distribution operations to minimise social and environmental impacts. We use water efficiently and recognise that we must safeguard this resource by recycling where possible to reduce consumption and protect water quality in the natural environment.

Quality Processes and Systems

We adopt a systematic and integrated approach to all aspects of our business and are committed to complying to ISO 9001 certification schemes relevant to our products.

We are also committed to continually improving performance and to develop our integrated management system processes and activities. We maintain a documented framework for setting, implementing and reviewing objectives and targets to drive forward this improvement.

We incorporate high standards of safety, health, environment, quality, energy management and responsible sourcing in the following business processes:

  • Identification of customer needs

  • Supply of products and services to meet or exceed customer expectation

  • Development of rules, standards and procedures

  • Provision of information and assistance to those who distribute, use, recycle or dispose of our products

  • Recruitment, induction and development of skilled, competent employees, contractors and suppliers

  • Consultation and involvement of employees, their representatives, contractors, and suppliers

  • Development and implementation of action plans to improve our business and meet our targets

  • Reporting and investigation of incidents, near hits, hazards and non-conformances

  • Development and testing of emergency procedures

  • Management and supervision of practices and performance

Keith Sims
Managing Director
May 2022

Sustainability Policy

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